Responsibilities of the Committee

Create an education program for members to enhance their business and professionalism. Educate, inform, and assist members in dealing with the changing business environment. Provide the Code of Ethics. Annually offer, promote, or provide at least one professional development opportunity for the members. Must annually certify they have conducted or promoted a REALTOR® Safety activity.

Current Projects and Duties

1) Review classes and speakers.

2) Set schedule for new educational year.

3) Provide Ethics education 4 times a year / provide access to NAR online program.

4) Provide the MN Dept of Commerce required modules.

5) Generate non-dues revenue

Shall have a Chairperson(s) appointed by the President.
Shall carry out the directives from the GLAR BOD.
Shall consist of as many members as deemed necessary.
Committee shall meet as deemed necessary by the Chairperson(s).
Committee shall make recommendations of their committee work to the GLAR BOD.
Expenditures shall not exceed the amount budgeted.
Expenditures over the budgeted amount must be approved by the GLAR BOD.