Convenience at your fingertips.  Get your real estate tools from the GLAR office.

Below are some examples of items we have and if we don’t have what you need in stock, we will order it for you!

Give us a call and order now!  Please note – items are to be picked up at the GLAR office, products will not be shipped to you.

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Many different RIDER SIGNS to choose from…. Stop in the Association Office & make your selections.

Sold 6x 24 Rider Sign
Cost $6.50 + Tax

Lakeshore Rider
Cost $6.50 + Tax
Lake Access Rider
Cost $6.50 + Tax
Im Gorgeous Inside Rider
Cost $6.50 + Tax (out of stock)


Cost $21.59 + Tax

Brochure Box with Metal Stand

Acrylic Brochure Holder with Business Card
Cost $16.00 + Tax

Cost $8.35 + Tax (Different colors to choose from)

Cost $4.99 + Tax

Home for Sale
Cost $3.75 + Tax (out of stock)
Open House Arrow Sign - Blue
Cost $3.75 + Tax

Cost $ 11.99 + Tax

Cost $7.95 + Tax  (Note Cards 25pk)  Several Styles
Shoe Covers
Cost $10.68 + Tax (pkg. of 10)

Cost $1.50 + Tax (lg sign)
Tape Measure
Cost $13.99 + Tax
R Coffee Mug
Cost $10.66 + Tax (out of stock)
Spring Clips
Cost $2.00 + Tax (set of 12)

Cost $1.00 each + Tax
Open House or Remove Shoes (two sided)

Home For Sale Arrow - Red
Cost $7.51 + Tax (out of stock)
Magnetic SOLD Strip
Cost $ 8.32 + Tax
Magnetic Sold Strip (out of stock)