Responsibilities of the Committee

Establish and manage a prudent budget which guides the GLAR Organizations direction, while providing for the allocation of resources to support its vision and measuring the effectiveness of the organization and its attainment of stated goals.

Current Projects and Duties

1) Evaluate reserves, their respective uses and long term effects of utilizing those reserves.

2) Adhere to sound financial management and measurement practices, assuring we meet our financial objectives consistent with our financial policies and core standards.

3) Provide a budget worksheet for the Boards review.

Shall have a Chairperson(s) appointed by the President.
Shall carry out the directives from the GLAR BOD.
Shall consist of as many members as deemed necessary.
Committee shall meet as deemed necessary by the Chairperson(s).
Committee shall make recommendations of their committee work to the GLAR BOD.
Expenditures shall not exceed the amount budgeted.
Expenditures over the budgeted amount must be approved by the GLAR BOD.