Membership Committee

Responsibilities of the Committee

Community involvement and investment; promoting the value proposition of using a REALTOR® and/or engaging in community activities which enhance the image of the REALTOR®, such as organizing human resources or conducting  fundraising activities to benefit local community or charitable organizations. Must do at least two activities demonstrating the association’s involvement and/or investment in the community. It is a benefit to the members and their livelihood to ensure the National, State, and Local partners flourish for another 100 years.

Current Projects and Duties

1) Affiliate Drive
To increase affiliate membership.
In the Spring of the year, organize an Affiliate Membership Drive.
Letter to send out, followed up with a phone call from Committee member.

2) Career Bridges Event and Follow a REALTOR® Day

To increase students’ knowledge of a career in real estate
In the Spring, organize the booth for the event, any prizes needed, set up, take down and who  will staff the booth.
Hand out flyers on “Career in Real Estate”
Discuss with students “Follow a REALTOR® Day”

3) Blood Drive

To fill the need of blood donations by the Red Cross.



Shall have a Chairperson(s) appointed by the President.

Shall carry out the directives from the GLAR BOD.

Shall consist of as many members as deemed necessary.

Committee shall meet as deemed necessary by the Chairperson(s).

Committee shall make recommendations of their committee work to the GLAR BOD.

Expenditures shall not exceed the amount budgeted.

Expenditures over the budgeted amount must be approved by the GLAR BOD.