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  1. Interesting comment to ponder:

    Jonathan Goodman: “I advice my real estate broker clients that they do not want to be the listing broker for A [i.e.: the seller in a short sale transaction].”

    “…I am also saying to real estate brokers, you do not want to be the buyer’s agent for B [i.e. a discount buyer in a short sale transaction]; because even if you are buyer’s agent for B, you have certain duties to the seller.”

    There seems to be not much room left for brokers in a short sale transaction. The only “safe” transaction to be on either side would be a sale to a move-in or investor buyer who buys a short sale property at “fair market value” (and what’s that, by the way?)

  2. I am currently in a year long training program plus another shorter course on Short Sales. The listing status as short sale can be quite dicey – maybe it will be and maybe it won’t. Possibility is not a status!
    possibility – a future prospect or potential; “this room has great possibilities”
    expectation, outlook, prospect – belief about (or mental picture of) the future.
    “Because technically you don’t have a short sale until it comes to closing and there is not enough money to pay off the lender,” Badagliacco said. “This can be a slippery slope.”

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